Boat drive innovator moves into off-grid housing

Electric boats dock at imaginary Croatian villa

eD-TEC – the company behind eD-QDrive and the eD-32 c-Ultra performance RIB systems – is developing five private, luxury villas in Croatia that it says will not only be 95 per cent off-grid, but will also come complete with their own eD-32 electric RIBs for enjoying the stunning lakes, fjords and coastline of Croatia.

“We can imagine that in a few years you won’t be allowed to drive with combustion-engined boats on the Croatian lakes and fjords,” says Michael Jost, founder of eD-TEC, “so our decision to develop this small resort area with the five villas is part of a strategy to get ahead of the game and inspire change. The villas have solar panels and huge energy storage to deliver enough energy to power everything over night, and also through the winter when the sun is less powerful – and of course the villas are cooled, heated and ventilated using that same stored solar power, which means they will be comfortable at any time of year while using 100 percent renewable power.

“Croatia is the perfect location for our first villa development, because not only are the coastline, islands, inland lakes and hinterland absolutely stunning, but also it is easy to reach from Europe. There are several key airports, and you can easily drive to Croatia from Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and surrounding countries. What’s more, it’s part of the European Union and the Euro exchange area.”

The villas, on Prokljan Lake (45 minutes from Zagreb and Split airports) and are conceived in line with eD-TEC’s broader philosophy of sustainable living and e-solutions. The development is part of a wider plan to create Croatia’s first SMART area – a CO2-neutral tourism destination that pre-empts future legislated green zones and the Paris 2050 agreement by being 100 percent electrified.

This includes solar villas and berthing, solar konobas, SMART routes and SMART charging encompassing a network of fast-charge points throughout the surrounding area for electric vehicles both on water and on land. eD-TEC labels the concept the eD-BAY, and it is developing the extended SMART area around the villas by 2030.

Every villa will be between 50 and 100 metres maximum from the shore, where each villa’s eD-32 c-Ultra electric RIB will be moored for exploring the lakes, waterfalls, fjords and coastline.

“Three years ago we started the planning for the development, and two years ago we bought the plot,” Jost says. “One year ago we started detailed planning and the applications for the permits, which are expected shortly, and then we are ready to start building. We expect the villas to be ready by the end of 2025 or start of 2026. This is not just a concept on paper, it’s a real project, just like the extraordinary eD-32 we’ve been trialling and fine-tuning here in Croatia over the past few weeks.

“When we started eD-TEC it wasn’t just about technology for boats, but also about an entire holistic e-lifestyle. It’s about how we as a company can guide you through your electric life in all its facets.”

Drawing of electric charging point shared between a car and a boat

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