Rapid growing global membership for Electric Marine Association

View of an electric outboard engine at the back of a motor boat that is speeding through the water.

Since its launch in September 2023, the International Electric Marine Association (IEMA) has brought together over 40 members from around the world, including those in the US across, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific.

Membership comprises industry leaders, including boatbuilders such as X Shore, Mobyfly, and Tyde, infrastructure specialists Aqua superPower and Kempower, marine certification agency HPiVS, electric inboard and outboard motors maker Evoy, drivetrain manufacturer Vita Power, and battery technology expert Kreisel.

Introduced at the Monaco Yacht Show last year, IEMA, a not-for-profit organisation, is the platform and interface of collaboration and unites industry and stakeholder members, actively engaging in initiatives to establish a sustainable and thriving global electric marine sector. Their mission includes advocating for impactful national and international policies to drive carbon neutrality by 2030 across recreational, service, public transportation, and maritime freight sectors, progressing towards a net-zero emissions target by 2050.

Together, IEMA and its members are committed to spearheading collaboration that dismantles barriers obstructing the widespread adoption of marine electrification. By elevating data exchange between the sector and critical stakeholders such as ports, onshore infrastructure, energy companies, and local municipalities, IEMA aims to enhance efficiency and foster synergies. Through its collaborative technical working groups, IEMA will focus on the key priorities of safety, interface, and infrastructure, establishing robust standards, best practices, protocols, and certifications to instill confidence in safe and sustainable marine electrification.

“IEMA’s collaborative approach brings together our members into an ecosystem to actively cooperate in establishing a sustainable and thriving global electric marine sector for everyone’s benefit,” says Adria Jover, president of IEMA. “We do this because we know there is not just one solution to challenges this new industry faces, and we need to work together.”

Image courtesy of Seabird Technologies

Echoing this sentiment, Nathan Baker, CTO of electric boat manufacturer Seabird Technologies, emphasised the strength in unity within IEMA, adding: “This is why we joined IEMA, to be part of the industry voice for electric marine, and together we’re louder. As a united front, we are able to advocate, connect, and collaborate with all stakeholders to overcome the hurdles that the electric marine sector faces.”

Recognising the obstacles that impede the adoption of marine electrification, IEMA prioritises providing technical guidance, developing standards, and establishing protocols to encourage confidence in the safety and viability of electric marine solutions. This approach aims to drive the transition towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Image courtesy of Aqua superPower

Alex Bamberg, CEO of Aqua superPower and one of IEMA’s founding members, highlights the importance of supporting infrastructure for accelerating electric boating: “At Aqua superPower, our mission has always been to provide a connected charging network, knowing that this will pave the way to accelerate electric boating. We understand that influencing and advocating for government legislation and grants will also accelerate this. Being part of IEMA ensures that safe and viable solutions are achieved more quickly.”

Image courtesy of ePropulsion

Danny Tao, CEO and founder of ePropulsion stresses the significance of Asia in the global electric marine industry, citing the region’s pivotal position as a manufacturing and battery production hub. He says: “Asia is undeniably a key market for electrification, and I am pleased to witness IEMA’s reach extending globally. By fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange with our Asian counterparts, IEMA is poised to be a catalyst for transformative change. Together, we can navigate the challenges, accelerate innovation, and pave the way for a thriving electric marine industry worldwide.”

Later this year, IEMA will assist the 2024 Ocean Decade Conference in Barcelona (10-12 April 2024) and with its own satellite event. It will also be holding its first Annual Members Meeting and keynote presentation at the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge due to take place 1-6 July 2024.

Those interested in becoming a member of IEMA can visit the website for more details.

Main image courtesy of Evoy

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