Garmin launches new open-array radar series

Marine electronics manufacturer Garmin has launched the new GMR xHD3 series open-array radars.

The multinational technology firm says the GMR xHD3 ‘combines high-definition imaging with the latest platform technology to deliver new levels of confidence, clarity and performance to cruisers and anglers alike.’

A first for Garmin magnetron radar, the xHD3 series is said to incorporate scan averaging that helps filter out sea clutter and interference on the display to provide mariners with enhanced consistent targets.

Target size processing utilises pulse expansion to help optimise on-screen object shapes for better interpretation at all range scales, and true echo trails display a historical ‘trail’ of boats on the water, removing relative motion influence to help quickly identify moving targets and potential collision threats.

“We are excited to build on the foundation of our previous open-array radars and bring more premium features that will appeal to mariners of all types,” says Dan Bartel, Garmin’s vice president of global consumer sales.

“Whether you’re cruising overnight, fishing offshore or just out for the day, Garmin’s new xHD3 open-array radars look far and wide to deliver an incredibly clear picture of what’s out there, maximising situational awareness and giving you more peace of mind every time you leave the dock.”

Available with 4, 12 or 25kW of power, the new GMR xHD3 radar series has a 100-knot wind rating, and a choice of 4’ or 6’ antennas. The xHD3 series radars have rotation speeds of 24 and 48 rpm for fast redraw rates, with a detection range that extends from 20 meters up to 72 nautical miles (4kW models) or 96 nautical miles (12 and 25kW models).

The dual-range with overlay feature of the GMR xHD3 series also allows for a single antenna to provide split screen side-by-side images on a compatible chartplotter, with independent settings for both close and long range.

A radar overlay can also be added on top of a chart view to clearly see any differences between the chart and what the radar is seeing.

The new series also allows customers to use the guard zone feature on compatible chartplotters. When enabled, this feature will alert the boater when an object comes within a predefined area around it.

The GMR xHD3 open-array series radars are available now with suggested retail prices ranging from £5,179.99 – £9,869.99.

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