GF Piping Systems launches ‘encrustation free’ SeaDrain White Piping System

GF Piping Systems has launched SeaDrain White, which it says is the first purpose-built thermoplastic piping system specifically engineered for marine drainage applications.

The drainage pipe system for black and grey water is lighter in weight, lighter on maintenance requirements, lighter on installation time and labour, and lighter in lifetime system costs than competing metal systems, says the company.

Made of polypropylene plastic, SeaDrain White ( takes less CO2 to manufacture, making it an eco-friendly alternative to metals, and it is suitable for cruise ships, passenger ferries, and luxury yacht installations.

It’s also claimed to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination of the ship, with factory tests over 100 psi (6 bar) conducted, and its smooth inner surface means encrustation is a thing of the past. Plus, it doesn’t need painting.

Made entirely from a non-corroding thermoplastic, SeaDrain White is engineered for a minimum of 25 years life compared to 5-10 years for metal alternatives.

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