Giant two-metre long fish stranded near Thorney Island Sailing Club

A rare fish has been found washed up on the shores of Chichester Harbour close to Thorney Island Sailing Club.

Following reports of a ‘large stranded fish’, the Chichester Harbour Conservancy staff located and recovered the fish and sought assistance from the Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (IFCA) to help identify it, according to the Portsmouth News.

The two-metre-long creature was identified as an Atlantic Bluefin tuna. The 180kg fish had to be winched onboard the IFCA’s patrol vessel Watchful where it could be taken for analysis.

Scientists concluded that the fish had only recently died and showed no signs of damage.

Chief fisheries and conservation officer, Tim Dapling, told the Portsmouth News: “This is a very unusual and positive event in terms of fisheries, the marine environment and the presence of a key species. Although it is a pity the fish was not alive, it is first time we have an encountered at close quarters a Bluefin tuna specimen in Sussex coastal waters.

“There are various reports of Bluefin tuna in the wider Channel area and we know they are regularly sighted further to the west off Devon and Cornwall. It was a quite remarkable and impressive fish, why it was in Chichester Harbour or came ashore may never be clear.”

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