Holidaymaker describes hearing ‘almighty thud’ as ship crashes into sea wall

A holidaymaker has described the moment a cargo ship crashed into the sea wall at Gorleston-on-Sea.

Andy Rockall said there was an “almighty thud” as the vessel struck the wall at Quay Road at around 5.10pm on May 30th. He said the crew aboard the ship seemed panicked as it came towards the sea wall in reverse.

Mr Rockall, 43, who is on holiday in the town, says: “There was the noise of chains dropping quickly and then there was this almighty thud against a two-foot thick concrete wall.

“It looked like there was problem [with the boat] because there was plenty of black smoke coming from it.”

Photographs show a large crack in the sea wall and pavement bricks forced out of place by the impact.

Story by Luke Powell in the Eastern Daily Press

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