Hull-cleaning Drive-in Boatwash scoops prize in Paris

Drive-In Boatwash boat

G&G Boatwash has won the jury prize at Paris Boat Show 2021 for Drive-in Boatwash in-water hull cleaning machine.

Drive-in Boatwash is designed, manufactured, developed, installed by Swedish company Rentunder AB. The solution removes fouling from boat hulls and takes 15-minutes to scrub each hull – the company says it eliminates the need for antifouling paint.

Currently, Drive-in Boatwash can accommodate motor and sail boats up to 53ft in length.

Oskar Lindroth, sales and marketing at Drive-In Boatwash, says: “There are machines delivered to, and operating in countries such as Finland, Canada and USA. In total, more than ten in-water boat washing facilities have been delivered outside Sweden, and more than 15 inside Sweden.”

This year, Drive-in Boatwash installed it’s first machine in France, in Les Sables-d’Olonne.

The company’s French distributor was awarded the cheque for 1,000€ after winning the services category of the innovation competition at the Paris Boat Show.

According to the developer, it takes 15 minutes to wash a boat using the drive-in solution. Fouling is removed and the debris is collected in a large basin underneath. Drive-in Boatwash says marinas see the opportunity to “modernise its operations”, with several sustainability perspectives highlighted in addition to reduced emissions of heavy metals from anti-fouling paint.

Rentunder AB says ongoing and future international law tightening of anti-fouling paints and their heavy metal emissions, together with the boat wash’s profitable, practical and environmentally friendly offer for both boat owners and marinas/machine operators, are forecasting a long-term and increased interest in changing the landscape of hull maintenance, from traditional methods to in-water boat washing facilities.

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