Ibiza and Mallorca marinas employ eco water-cleaning robot

Marina Ibiza and Marina Port de Mallorca are the first ports in Spain to use Geneseas, a water-cleaning robot.

The device travels over the water surface capturing pollutant waste while also continually analysing the water quality. According to the developer, its solar panels permit 100 per cent sustainable operation.

It is controlled remotely using a joystick from on land and the area it needs to clean can be programmed automatically or manually via the Geneseas phone app.

The Geneseas device can collect floating waste, microplastics and oils, among other items, and has a 140-litre capture capacity. The device can be recharged via its solar panels, as well as having a conventional electrical charging system.

In addition to collecting waste materials from the water, Geneseas monitors the water quality, checking its physical/chemical parameters such as pH, temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, redox. All these parameters are logged in real-time and by location thanks to the integrated GPS system and can be viewed on the app.

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