Introducing the Zero Plastic Pollution Range by Marine 16

Marine 16 has produced a range of biodegradable cleaners made in the UK that achieve zero harm to the marine environment and produce zero plastic pollution with a simple ‘Refill-Reuse-Recycle’ concept.

The Zero range consists of three biodegradable products in compliance with MARPOL ANNEX 5 1.7.5 ‘not harmful to the marine environment’ that will cover over 95% of cleaning requirements. The range includes a Cabin & Heads Cleaner, Deck & Sails Cleaner and an Engine & Bilge Cleaner, which are also exceptional for cleaning your home.

The refill-reuse-recycle concept is achieved by:

  1. Purchasing an original ‘for life’ trigger spray bottle.
  2. Refilling the original bottle with a concentrated pouch, once empty the pouches can either be:
    1. Returned directly to Marine 16 with a freepost label that is simply dropped into a letter box.
    2. Taken into a participating chandler for 50p off any product in store, pouches will be returned to Marine 16.
  3. Refilling the original bottle with a concentrated product at any participating chandler with bulk facilities available. Empty containers will be returned to Marine 16.

Marine 16 will receive all plastic back to be refilled and reused or, at end of life, recycled.  Plastic can only be recycled up to 9 times therefore Marine 16 is attempting to extend the life of its plastic by at least 5 times. The refillable options also take the cost of the products down by as much as half the original price!

The range is available to purchase online, at selected independent and national retailers. A full list can be found on the website

Marine 16 are manufacturers of Fuel Treatments, used by the RNLI and Royal Marines.

For further information please contact:, tel: 01666 817 577

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