Jenkins Marine commissions Manor Marine for ‘Nab’ and ‘Needles’ upgrades

Jenkins Marine has commissioned Manor Marine to manufacture and install two new wheelhouse and accommodation modules for the Split Hopper Barges, Nab and Needles.

The superstructures will be manufactured in Portland over the coming months, with an aim to complete the project by Summer 2021.

Director at Jenkins Marine, Daniel Jenkins, says: “The forthcoming works represent a substantial investment by Jenkins Marine to update some of our core vessel assets. We are pleased to be able to continue our strong working relationship with Manor Marine and support the ship repair industry in the South of England, an essential service for vessel operators like Jenkins Marine.”

Each superstructure will feature two separate air-conditioned double cabins, a mess/briefing room, drying locker, and elevated bridge with ergonomic helm console and all-round visibility; the new modules will provide much needed improvements to the size and quality of welfare facilities onboard the vessels, whilst modernising their appearance.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with Jenkins Marine again, especially on their vessels modification project and realise their impressive new design; this opportunity further cements the relationship between the two companies,” comments Manor Marine managing director, Leif Cooper.

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