eLogbook startup showcases at METSTRADE

LG elogbooks

LJ eLogbooks is a modern solution for yacht data recording, providing paperless digital logbooks and allowing users to create, manage, edit and store all logbook data in the cloud and desktop app on one platform. The company is one of 15 startups showcasing at METSTRADE’s first Start-Up Pavilion, during the trade show that runs from today until Friday (15-17 November 2023).

Owner Liz Jackson says the LJ eLogbooks system provides yachts with the opportunity to go completely paperless onboard. “Logbooks are one of the last elements still in paper, however flag states are now transitioning over to digital logbooks, they allow for greater transparency, the ability to remove potential errors, remote auditing, the complete process from start to finish takes no longer than paper but adds more benefits converting to digital logbook record keeping,” says Jackson.

According to Jackson, the biggest challenge has been a mindset change where ‘we are just used to paper because its familiar’ is taking a little more time to move adopters over to going digital.

But, Jackson says clients are aware that digital is fast approaching. “When it comes to digital logbooks, it is one of the last remaining elements that can still be populated in paper, hence they are embracing the change and learning that the new format has far more benefits for the overall process with digital logbooks.

“We have years of experience working with yachting-based clients and understand their requirements and that the maritime sector is not a one stop shop for all.  Our knowledge of our products and requirements are key to setting us aside from our competitors.

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This year, METSTRADE and Yachting Ventures are teaming up to introduce the new Start-Up Pavilion – a platform for emerging start-ups to showcase their latest products and technologies, which will be running for the duration of the trade show in Hall 7.

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