Navico displays Fathom e-power system at Cannes

Navico Fathom e-power system

Navico is showcasing the Fathom e-power system at the Cannes Yachting Festival, which runs 12-17 September.

The Fathom e-power system is a vertically integrated solution compromised of energy storage, power conversion and digital monitoring and control for the marine and RV sectors. Navico says the system is designed to allow users to extend time away from the charge source by providing more battery capacity and efficiently managing the electrical system, while also eliminating the noise, vibration and fumes associated with traditional generator experiences.

Additionally, the user interface allows end users to monitor and control their power on and off the vessel via multifunction displays or smart mobile devices.

Navico Fathom e-power

Available in 12V, 24V and 48V customisable kits, Fathom is designed to easily integrate into a wide range of boats and recreational vehicles. Navico says the hardware and software elements are tested and validated to ensure compatibility with the Fathom e-power system as well as third party hardware.

The Fathom system pairs with Mercury engine platforms to provide energy to the lithium-ion battery system through an optional dual-mode 48V/12V alternator. This can be set up manually by the user. The Fathom system can switch the mode of the integrated alternator to charge at a standard mode and can be controlled and monitored through a streamlined user interface with the ability to adjust settings based on user preferences and allowing boaters the opportunity to eliminate an onboard generator system.

The Fathom stand is located at JETEE 155.

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