New thruster technology from Italian manufacturer

Italian manufacturing specialist Quick Spa has added the new QSY line to its range of thrusters.

Complementing its current offering – covering DC, AC, DC-AC, and hydraulic – Quick’s new QSY models have synchronous motors for the ‘ultimate in variable control and sustained usage’.

Permanent magnets are used in the construction of the QSY thruster’s motors, allowing more thrust for less power draw than a classic DC motor. The system is also said to offer variable thrust, something that DC motors are not capable of without additional system hardware. Quick says they’re completely plug and play thanks to the integrated driver, and are characterised by considerable endurance with ten minutes or more continuous usage.

The brushless motors offer reduced maintenance as well as increased efficiency and greatly reduced noise. The units are rated IP68 as standard so they can be mounted on the stern without any additional protection.

Quick claims it is the energy efficiency aspect that makes the growing QSY range ideal for a future where the electrification of yachts will likely grow to meet more stringent emissions standards.

“The more you electrify the more you will need energy efficient solutions,” says Andreas Karlsen, head of sales north Europe at Quick. “With a classic DC thruster, you need to have a separate, thruster-dedicated battery bank, whereas with a QSY thruster there’s the option of integrating it with the yacht’s main battery bank as the thruster draws a lot less power.”

Karlsen says its QSY thruster range offers other advantages too. “Whereas across the different classic DC thrusters on the market there are a lot of similarities between manufacturers, our range offers something genuinely different.

“For the 185mm size, which is used on mid-range boats of nine to 18 metres and is therefore the most in-demand thruster size, we are the only company to offer contra-rotating propellers, which deliver equal thrust on both sides – all our competitors only start to offer that at the larger 260mm size. It’s indicative of our wider mission, which is flexibility for our customer base in offering them as many options as possible.”

The QSY range currently comprises four key models at 140mm, 185mm, 250mm and 300mm tunnel sizes, covering yachts sizes from approximately seven to 30 metres. Additional models are due for launch in the coming months.

Headquartered in Ravenna, Italy, Quick Spa was founding in the 1980s and offers a selection of core marine equipment to builders and OEMs globally, including marine lighting, windlasses, gyro stabilisers, battery chargers, and docking systems.

All images courtesy of Quick Spa.

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