Ocean Regatta liferaft joins the Ocean Safety range

Ocean Safety’s offshore liferaft range has expanded with the addition of the Ocean Regatta liferaft.

The Ocean Regatta is light and compact, and is ideal for vessels where space and weight savings are a priority on board. The raft is fully compliant to ISO 9650 – Part 1 (approved by RINA) offering stability and resistance in extreme open sea conditions, so protecting occupants from strong winds and rough seas.

A large opening at the point of entry and a self-deploying canopy ensure that access is as easy as possible in difficult conditions, while at the same time facilitating access to the interior during a rescue operation.

The Ocean Regatta can be upgraded to include the SOLAS B liferaft pack options via an additional grab bag option.

The liferaft, like all of Ocean Safety’s offshore rafts, is available in a canister or valise pack option, and with a choice of 4-,6-, or 8-person capacity.

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