Oceanic System’s products now carried by Defender Industries

Oceanic Systems (UK) Ltd is pleased to announce that their range of monitoring and control systems are now listed in the catalogue and on the website of Defender Industries, providing easier access to Oceanic’s products in the USA.

Defender Industries is one of the world’s largest marine product merchandisers, shifting several thousands of shipments per day. They have recently released their 2019 buyers guide including segments highlighting Oceanics product range, confirming availability for Spring 2019.

Defender Industries recently held its 23rd Annual Warehouse sales with Oceanic’s Managing Director Bruce Coward demonstrating the renowned Poseidon System to thousands of customers. Following the success of the show, Defender have said, “We are thrilled with the enthusiasm and fabulous support received in promoting the relationship between Defender and Oceanic.”

Managing Director Bruce Coward comments: “We are very excited to be a part of the Defender catalogue. Oceanic Systems already has a strong US presence but our Defender listing will strengthen and further support our network of US resellers.”

You can now view the Oceanic products featured in the Defender catalogue on pages 258-259 at the following link: https://www.defender.com/pdf/2019-Catalog.pdf.

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