Opportunity to join monthly international marine networking

What do you do when international boat shows are either cancelled or impossible to visit with quarantine regulations and travel restrictions in place?

In the case of Ben Taylor the answer was simple, set-up a monthly get-together in the form of an international marine networking event. He’s designed a digital network for marine leisure industry professionals to connect, share knowledge and develop business on an international scale.

And MIN is delighted to be Taylor’s media partner, letting marine professionals know that registration is open for the international marine networking, on 6th April, at 1400 BST. It’s free to attend.

The inaugural event saw 40 attendees attend from across the UK, Europe and USA. Taylor is aiming for 100 or more in the next event taking place 6th April, 2021.

“The events provide opportunities for all that get involved. It’s simple, it’s accessible and it connects people. Person-to-person relationships will always drive business, especially in the marine industry. This is an opportunity to build those relationships,” Taylor says.

Lyndsay Hall, MIN’s commercial manager, attended the last networking, and consequently MIN has become one of Taylor’s media partners.

“This is such a social based industry,” says Hall. “The event made me realise how much I’ve missed that part of the industry over the last year. It’s about actually interacting with one another.”

Taylor’s formula is to provide different talking points, and send small groups into rooms to chat. Those conversations are either about his suggested topic (based on the current news cycle for example, the impact of Covid-19 on opening up the sailing industry), or whatever the group of five or six decides.

“Although I knew lots of UK attendees, I met many more and have had four or five excellent business conversations off the back of that morning,” says Hall.

Register for international marine networking – the event’s on 6th April, 2021, 14.00 BST and is free to attend.

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