Port of Teignmouth shows appreciation for NHS and key workers

Workers at ABP Teignmouth created an impressive display to show their appreciation for the NHS and all key workers including port workers and colleagues in the transport supply chain.

The team used a combination of different materials and equipment normally found at the port like pusher blades (normally attached to loading shovels to help push cargo up in warehouses in order to maximise the use of storage space), and tall concrete sections which are usually used to create dividing walls within sheds and extra storage areas. Bobcats and loading shovels were also used.

Since the Prime Minister made his original lockdown announcement on 24th March, ABP Teignmouth has handled 26 ships, and 66,413 tonnes of cargo have been shipped in and out of the port. This has included 12 cargoes of cereals and animal feed, and nearly 30,000 tonnes of export clay.

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