Nominations open for Robban Assafina Maritime Awards 2023

Cargo ship from above

Nominations and registrations are now open for the Robban Assafina Maritime Awards Night, to be held on June 20, 2023 at the Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand, Beirut-Lebanon.

The Robban Assafina Maritime Awards – organised by the bimonthly maritime magazine Robban Assafina – honour international and regional maritime figures of significant roles, accomplishments and valued milestones in the shipping, ships, offshore and ports industry.

A total of 24 different awards are to be given out on the night, to individuals from around the world and across the MENA region.

Sami Sallaum, president of the event’s dinner sponsor Sallaum Lines, says the company is delighted to be a part of the awards. “It is of utmost importance to highlight achievements in the region, especially on the sustainability part, which is broadly covered less among regional players,” says Sallaum. “The more we honour these achievements, the more we can spread the message for achieving a greener future.

“We encourage and promote any events in the region related to maritime and logistics. Robban Assafina has always done an outstanding job, and it’s always a pleasure working with them. As a shipping company, we believe that being part of this event can open room for sharing industry expertise and knowledge among attendees as well as collaborating with industry stakeholders to enhance the event’s impact and reach.”

Sami Sallaum – president of Sallaum Lines

Referring to the role of the event in developing the Middle East maritime industry, Sallaum adds: “The Middle East has unfortunately struggled significantly with local problems and conflicts; we all aim to revive the magnificent spirit among Middle Eastern countries. Our ports and infrastructure must be ready to accommodate an increase in import cargo for the restructuring of what the region has lost in the past decade.”

Jawad Nizar, managing director of Ennero, says that the firm is ‘very proud’ to be an event sponsor. “We are excited to meet other pioneers in the industry to introduce business opportunities that will be beneficial to the Middle East. We believe there is great business potential that yet needs to be developed in the region,” he says.

Jawad Nizar - Managing Director, Ennero
Jawad Nizar – managing director, Ennero

“Gathering the maritime industry’s pioneers for such an event will definitely help develop and strengthen the maritime industry in the Middle East, and reinforce the Middle East to the map as a leader in the maritime industry.”

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