Round Britain eRIB attempt postponed to 2024

Harry Besley, eRIB skipper Harry Besley, eRIB skipper

The Round Britain eRIB Challenge, originally due to occur this summer, will now take place in 2024, following delays in the vessel’s production schedule.

The Round Britain eRIB challenge, which was scheduled to start at Lyme Regis, Dorset, in July/August 2023, aims to shine a light on the potential of electric boats and boating by attempting to circumnavigate Great Britain by electric RIB. Skipper and project leader Harry Besley also hopes to become the youngest person to drive a powerboat around Britain, and the first person to skipper an electric one.

“While we are disappointed both for ourselves and for the locations teams who have been making preparations to support us, considering the extreme nature of the challenge and the new technology in play, there was always a delivery risk involved,” says Jaqui Besley, Round Britain eRIB project manager. “There are however, definite benefits from this postponement as the boat builder will now have more time to optimise the vessel for use and we can further develop our story around the environmental urgency for driving change into this sector.”

For the next year, the team says it will support the partner boat builder — which has not been revealed — through sea trials for the challenge vessel. The team will use the time to gather performance data during extensive sea trials. This information will then be integrated into the planning for next year’s challenge.

Sponsors and supporters have been quick to pledge their continued support for the project, and the first educational resources will be piloted with selected schools this summer.

“I’m really disappointed not to be touring the UK this summer to demonstrate electric propulsion, but I am definitely looking forward to seeing the challenge vessel and testing out what it can achieve,” says Harry Besley, eRIB skipper. “The good news is we will be able to share some of our findings from the sea trials with our followers on social media, which will no doubt start building even more interest and engagement in this project, ready for next year.”

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