RS200 to switch to vinylester resin, says RS Sailing

RS Sailing has announced that, following a class association vote, the RS200 will be switching to vinylester resin construction and continuing with a resin infusion build method. Although a ‘one design’ class, small updates are essential and this switch will help ensure that the RS200 remains a top contender for those considering a two person hiking dinghy.

The use of vinylester resin will allow the UK-based builder, Ginger Boats Racing (with whom RS Sailing entered a partnership in Feb 2021), to continue with the resin infusion build method with which the RS200 has been built since 2015, ensuring the continuation of the consistently high-quality product that RS200 owners are accustomed to.

In line with this change, RS Sailing is extending the offer on new boat purchases from the recent RYA Dinghy Show along with the option to purchase a new boat without sails. New boats will be supplied with either an Allen or Harken fitout, meaning that a new RS200 can now be purchased from £9,799.

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