RYA SafeTrx launches new feature for groups

Are you planning an outing with your fellow boaters, windsurfers or jet-skiers this season? The RYA SafeTrx tracking and alerting app has a new feature for groups of water-users, making it easier to keep abreast of individuals’ positions whilst afloat.

The world-leading app is designed to improve safety afloat and potentially cut vital minutes off the time taken to pinpoint a casualty’s location. It monitors journeys and alerts designated emergency contacts should a user fail to arrive on time.

Currently, individual members of groups send separate messages from RYA SafeTrx, usually to a single safety contact ashore who must switch screens to track members. The new ‘group share’ feature allows the contact to track a number of people taking part in one session.

Once the session has begun, everyone in the group can share a link to their friends and family ashore who can view the group’s live track on the tracking webpage. During the session, each member will also be able to view the group’s live track and monitor each other’s position on the water.

In the event of someone falling behind or if someone has stopped moving on the live tracking site, participants can see the last known location of that person and attend to them as soon as possible.

How does it work?

A group code option within the Track Only mode allows group members to generate a unique, once-off ‘Private Group Code’ and share it with other users. The trip sharing options include a link to a webpage that displays the tracks of the individuals in the group.

There is a limit of six app users allowed to enter a single Private Group Code. RYA SafeTrx will create a private group code for the duration of 24 hours after which time the code will expire.

The feature not only promotes safety for groups on the water but allows users to review their session with a playback feature, reliving the best moments of their time afloat. The playback site is active for three days after the session and can also be shared on social media channels.

RYA Safety Advisor, Andrew Norton, explains: “As well as being a handy safety feature, RYA SafeTrx users also now have the option to play back group sessions for up to three days and can share their boating activities on social media for other friends to watch. In the playback feature, users can select any participant’s name and view their position, and speed. Why not track your own speed and try to beat it at your next group event?”

About RYA SafeTrx

Using iPhone and Android smartphone technology, this free tracking and alerting system is easily accessible and ideal for everyone who enjoys being on the water – from kitesurfers and kayakers to dinghy sailors and powerboat users.

The free RYA SafeTrx mobile app and website now supersedes the HM Coastguard CG66 scheme. It combines a more technologically cutting-edge version of the CG66 database function with additional lifesaving technologies so that you can make a 999 call to the Coastguard at the touch of a button.

The app can be used free of charge in UK territorial waters and is used by many other search and rescue organisations across the globe.

The RYA SafeTrx app is available to any UK resident who wants to be safer afloat and already has over 35,000 registered users.  It provides all recreational boat users with an accessible and simple-to-use way of automatically informing HM Coastguard of their voyage plans, vessel and crew information, incident data, dynamic location and even a direct 999 connection in the event of distress.

RYA SafeTrx is free to download from the Apple app store or Google Play. Once downloaded, boaters can run unlimited free trips using the app. In addition to the Sail Plan mode, the app has a tracking option called Track Only mode, which enables boaters to analyse their speed and performance on the water while racing or cruising.

For customers who do not wish to use the mobile app, there is an option to register their details on the RYA SafeTrx website.

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