Scott Bader to invest £30m in flagship UK manufacturing site

Scott Bader CEO Kevin Matthews

Scott Bader UK, a Northamptonshire-based specialist in composite and adhesive materials, including marine resin, has announced it intends to invest £30m to transform its UK manufacturing site.

The five-year programme will commence this year, with £8m earmarked for the first phase of the works. The polymer maker says the planned investment will support the group’s UK customers by making the plant more flexible. This will enable quicker lead times and the rapid scaling up of an increasing number of sustainable alternatives to the group’s current products, as well as new performance products in areas such as 3D printing.

“The planned investment reaffirms our commitment to the UK composite supply chain and to all our colleagues, partners and associates that benefit from our long-standing presence at Wollaston,” says Scott Bader CEO, Kevin Matthews (pictured above). “In addition, the investment will upgrade our capability to continue to develop and supply new sustainable performance materials designed to help our customers on their journey to net zero.”

The firm says this ‘significant commitment to the UK market’ will ensure the future of Scott Bader’s key product brands, including Crystic resins and gelcoats, Crestabond structural adhesives and Crestapol performance resins.

Alongside allocating the capital to transform its UK site, the US-based company has also created a €2m (£1.7m) laboratory facility in France, which will open in Q1 2024. Outside of Europe, Scott Bader’s two-year build of a $16m (£12.6m) new manufacturing facility in Mocksville, USA, will also become fully operational in 2024.

Scott Bader says these investments are designed to help with longer-term goals of shortening supply chains and lowering the carbon footprint associated with transporting goods.

Main image courtesy of Scott Bader.

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