SeaNet Europe adds Benetti Delfino 95’ to its fleet

Following the successful sale of a Benetti Mediterraneo 116’ in November 2020, SeaNet – the self proclaimed pioneer of yacht co-ownership – has purchased a Benetti Delfino 95’.

The company says it is experiencing a surge of interest in its unique co-ownership models. The model, SeaNet says, offers significant financial savings, guaranteed usage, full personalisation, concierge, management and a rotational crew.

The new yacht is the fourth purchased from the Azimut|Benetti Group since 2016. Equipped with a new 10m chase boat, the Benetti Delfino 95’ will have a five-person rotational crew with owners enjoying summers in the Mediterranean and winters in the Caribbean or Asia.

“At SeaNet, we have been able to offer existing owners and future yacht owners the opportunity to join us not only to reduce the running costs and management of their yacht but also to remove the hassle and stress that comes with it,” says CEO, Matty Zadnikar.

“As an owner myself, I recognise that these yachts are our homes away from home and now more than ever they represent a place of safety, comfort, and enjoyment with loved ones. It is important that current and future yacht owners safeguard themselves against future volatilities by working with us to create a secure yacht environment that is enjoyable, safe and here for the future.”

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