The Wind Runner Challenge

You probably remember Scott Dawson – he’s the man who swam round the Isle of Wight a while back.

Scott is back with a new venture that should excite the yachting market. It’s the Wind Runner Challenge. It’s a new concept for corporate yacht racing that’s coming to the Solent in March 2018.

Teams of eight will race identical yachts across three different race courses. As each yacht race finishes, two of the crew from each boat will disembark and run three different run courses. Times will then be combined, and at the end we will end up with the quickest team.

There is, of course, a charity involvement to add a little extra to the Challenge. The Marine Conservation Society is the UK’s leading marine environment, not-for-profit organisation. It works for the increased protection of the seas around the United Kingdom, via the creation of well managed marine protected areas.

MCS is the voice for everyone who loves the sea. “We work to secure a future for our living seas, and to save our threatened marine wildlife before it is lost forever.”

How does the sponsorship work? We are aware that, traditionally, sponsors of charity events generally seek to receive real commercial value from sponsorship other than the feel-good knowledge they are supporting their local community.

Today though, we understand charity events are becoming more sophisticated (if we do say so ourselves!) and sponsors are wanting to receive a return on their investment.

Moving sponsorship of charity events in the same direction as those businesses who sponsor professional sporting teams allows you to achieve that by delivering and valuing each of our sponsorship packages.

Working with Britannia Corporate Events Ltd and Wolf Challenges Ltd to increase your brand awareness with cost effective sponsorship packages, enable your organisation to get in front of your key audience, achieve credibility by association, broaden business reach and build brands.

Although we cannot guarantee the maximum reach and engagement from traditional media and social media, we can give you some idea of the potential number of people we can reach.

Social media audiences can bring a 20,000 Active Facebook reach for Wolf Challenges and Britannia Corporate Events. Plus a 25,000 Britannia Corporate Events. And a 300,000 MCSUK combined database and Facebook/Twitter.

Then add over 1000 Isle of Wight Challenges likes. And 25,000 Isle of Wight Challenges reach. And 500,000 Real buzz registrations.

Plus, of course, 15,000 Yachting World readers. And 7,500 All At Sea readers. And 10,000 YBW online readers.

The overall reach is around 903,500

Sponsorship opportunities include:

Package A : £4,500 + VAT Dinner for 100 in Cowes. Committee boat banners High profile branding on technical shirts (right breast) Branding of welcome bags in conjunction with MCS Competitors wristbands Website content and logo on all correspondence Battle flag logo (Option l yacht charter for an additional £2,000)

Package B  £3,000 + VAT Dinner for 100 in Yarmouth Sleeve branding on technical shirts Website content and logo on all digital media Battle flag logo (Optional yacht charter for an additional £2,000)

Package C £1,000 + VAT Welcoming Drinks at the registration area in RSYC. Runner specific snap on bands. Start finish feather flags Battle flag logo. (Optional yacht charter for an additional £2,000)

Various other packages are available at lower costs.

Scott Dawson and Lorna Archer are the Event Organisers and they will be at the Southampton Boat Show on the Thursday. Their telephone number is 02380 458 900 and they will be running a press event on the Thursday. Their email is

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