UK’s Falmouth Harbour appoints environmental scientist

As new Commissioner for Falmouth Harbour Natasha Collings-Costello will have a key role steering the Trust Port now and into the future. Photo – CEC Ltd

Falmouth Harbour has appointed environmental scientist and businessperson Natasha Collings-Costello as a new commissioner.

Collings-Costello joins the board to help shape the current strategy and future prosperity for Falmouth Harbour in Cornwall, which is known as the UK’s ‘Atlantic gateway’.

Collings-Costello has 20 years of experience in the environment and ecology fields, including as managing director at Cornwall Environmental Consultants Ltd – the commercial arm of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

“As a proud Cornish person who is passionate about the environment and natural assets of Cornwall I am very excited to join Falmouth Harbour as a commissioner and feel I will be able to provide valuable input and support to the leadership team and the sustainable management of the harbour into the future,” says Collings-Costello.

“Balancing the needs of people, place and planet should be at the heart of decision-making in all spheres and in the case of our incredible Falmouth Harbour, it’s balancing the needs of our precious natural environment, our stakeholders and our extensive commercial and leisure activities.”

Aerial of Falmouth Harbour by Shark Bay films
Aerial of Falmouth Harbour. Image courtesy of Shark Bay films.

The opening as commissioner comes as Falmouth Harbour bids farewell to Ben Grigg after six years’ service on the board, which manages the Trust Port (with statutory responsibility for the navigation and conservation of approximately 16 square miles of harbour area).

“A compelling reason for me to join Falmouth Harbour Commissioners — having grown up in the local sailing community and benefitting, in my view, from the best harbour environment in the world — was to help with commercial decision-making, as the Trust Port is self-funded,” says Grigg.

Falmouth Harbour recently celebrated its 150th year of managing the third-deepest natural harbour in the world. The FHC remit covers the operation of Falmouth Harbour, Falmouth Haven and Falmouth Pilot Services.

“The Harbour Board team has significant responsibility for managing our Trust Port, a demanding privilege which requires dedication and commitment and which allows the Board to make a very real difference,” says Falmouth Harbour chief executive Miles Carden.

“To have a candidate of Natasha’s calibre to join us, with exactly the broad mix of skills and extensive senior-level experience that we hoped to find, is very exciting and I look forward to working with a fellow Cornish business leader.”

Last year, Gerald Pitts joined the board of Falmouth Harbour Commissioners (FHC) as harbour commissioner, replacing Gary Tranter, who retired after nine years’ service on the board.

Main image: Natasha Collings-Costello. Image courtesy of CEC Ltd.

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