Vendée Globe: update 13Nov20

Here are our daily snippets of the Vendée action. You’ll find brief, dated, updates on how Pip Hare, Miranda Merron, Sam Davies and Alex Thomson are faring, alongside any headline news.

Alex Thomson is very happy indeed

“Fantastic news today that I now lead the race,” he says. “In IMOCA world, particularly the Vendée Globe, there are very few opportunities to take the lead. In the middle of last night I saw an opportunity and I took it. I wasn’t sure it was going to work out but it looked like a good opportunity, and I’m very happy today, very happy indeed.

“All is good on the good ship Hugo Boss, I’m definitely tired, but time to be catching up now and I’m trying to keep the rest of the fleet behind me.”

Watch Thomson’s update (20.14 12Nov20)

Pip Hare is cruising at 17knots

“It’s not just the sails that need to get moved to keep Medallia flying. Everything that has not been sealed in place by the race committee needs to be positioned in the optimum place to provide balance and speed,” she says. “Everything is now in place though and Medallia is flying – cruising at 17 knots and loving it.”  (09.22 13Nov20)

Sam Davies is still in the leading pack

Wind, then no wind, but Sam keeps the boat moving and is in 8th position (15.17 12Nov20)

Miranda Merron is 290 miles behind Alex Thomson

′′Hours of time, energy and ground wasted trying to solve a problem. I was so busy in the middle of the night finding what was wrong that I didn’t realize I was too close to the soft – which engulfed us. Might take some time out! Not very clever….” (09.15 13Nov20)

Watch the Vendée Globe official ‘day four’ round-up posted 12Nov20

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