VETUS expands portfolio with range of new products at METSTRADE

VETUS is launching its latest BOW PRO Boosted Thruster models – the BOWB180 and BOWB210 – at METSTRADE. They are equipped with all the features of the BOW PRO series, plus there is a third connection on the motor which leads the current to an internal charger, stepping up the voltage from 12V to 24V. This allows a 12V charging source, such as the propulsion engine alternator, to charge a 24V battery bank.

VETUS is also highlighting its kit to convert a BOW PRO to a STERN PRO thruster. Available in tunnel diameters from 125mm to 400mm, the kit is said to be easily installed as the actual thruster motor and electric components are fitted internally to the transom of the boat, while the tunnel and propeller are installed externally on the transom.

The new BOW18024D is a bow thruster providing 180 kgf on a 24V power supply. An evolution of the C version, the thruster features the newest innovations such as temperature sensor and low noise 6-blade propeller.

Focused around the engine, VETUS introduces the FTR330..M family of heavy duty water strainers. Ideal in fast semi-planing and planing boats, the strainers feature filter housing made from NAVIDURIN® and 19, 25, 32 or 38mm hose connections.

The 15-litre NLP3..15L series of waterlocks achieve a sound reduction of 10dB over traditional waterlocks. Featuring unique three-chamber design technology, the waterlock’s inlet chamber can be rotated 360° to ensure a tailor-made fit in the most confined spaces.

Further new products include the ultra-slim PL Series portlights, suitable for panel thickness of 2mm to 20mm, and the PPL2 ergonomic, hinged window and portlight knobs. The latest addition to the VETUS line of flush hatches is the FGHF Series of straight flush hatches.

The HMB 2.0 series roller blind and fly screen combination has been updated with a sleek design to maximise vision, altered hooks for durability, a stronger and easy to reach adjustable spring and a redesign of the guiding system.

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