VIDEO: Dinghy driver’s brush with death after close encounter with shipping

A man swam for his life after nearly being mowed down by a 195,000 ton cargo ship in Southampton Water early Sunday morning (6Mar22).

Passengers onboard a Red Funnel car ferry captured the harrowing moment shortly before 09:50. Three men in two dinghies were attempting to move out of the way of 400m long container ship Al-Zubara, according to the Island Echo.

However, one of the dinghies suffered an engine failure – forcing the occupant to abandon ship and swim for his life. His dinghy was dragged under, but the man escaped with seconds to spare.

The Harbour Authority for Southampton Water says the man was recovered from the water by a patrol boat and taken to hospital after treatment for shock.

A spokeswoman for ferry firm Red Funnel says the crew onboard Red Osprey had also mustered a rescue boat and were on standby, but their assistance was not required.

Student Eden East who witnessed the incident from the Red Funnel ferry told the Daily Mail that the man was with two friends and could not start the engine of his boat.

“We were just coming in and saw a massive container ship coming towards us,” says East.

“We could see this one boat out there and I thought to myself ‘he’s a bit brave’.

“He obviously didn’t see it coming.

“Once he did see it you could see him start panicking and trying to start the engine on his dinghy – but it wouldn’t start so just jumped in.

“I’m not sure how he made it. His boat got sucked under and was thrown up on the other side.

“I was really scared for this guy, I felt sick.”

Footage courtesy of Harvey Brett-Hill.

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