Vision Marine hits 116mph to break electric speed record


Canada-headquartered electric boatbuilder Vision Marine Technologies has broken its own speed record during the 35th Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, a charity boat race in Missouri, US, that took place 26-27 August 2023.

Vision Marine says its team managed to achieve a record-breaking speed of 111 mph during the first attempt, before going on to set a higher record of 116 mph during the second attempt.

At the 2022 Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, Vision Marine set a new world electric boat speed record, reaching 109mph (video below).

The 9.8 metre (32-foot) racing catamaran with an enclosed cockpit was built by S2 Power Boats and piloted by offshore racer and three-time world boat racing champion Shaun Torrente. S2 is a new company founded by Torrente and fellow offshore racer Sean Conner.

The catamaran features E-Motion electric outboards, equipped with Mercury gearcases, that have been customised by Weismann Marine USA.

Vision Marine is not solely focused on racing. In October 2022, the firm launched what it describes as a ‘100 per cent recyclable boat’, called the Phantom, for the US leisure marine market. 

Main image courtesy of Vision Marine Technologies

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