Walcon completes Buckler’s Hard Yacht Harbour redevelopment

Walcon Marine has completed the second and final stage of the redevelopment programme for Buckler’s Hard Yacht Harbour. This has involved a complete rebuild of the marina and the addition of increased capacity while refurbishing and reusing as much of the original Walcon infrastructure as possible.

Stage two began at the beginning of the year, with the removal and subsequent reinsertion of the back walkway to manoeuvre the phase one pontoons in position. This was then followed by the removal of piers A, B and C, and the continuation of the process of refurbishing the pontoons to be re-used, driving the new and reused piles, and the reassembly of the piers with their extensions.

The transport of all pontoons, old and new, was undertaken by sea using Walcon’s Wolf and Warrior barges, and Walcon’s road transportable rig carried out all the piling. While as much of the existing infrastructure as possible was refurbished and reused, all existing finger pontoons were replaced and additional new pontoon equipment supplied for connecting to the pier extensions. Sections of the main walkway were also replaced.

The works were undertaken in a sensitive and sustainable manner, says Walcon Marine, which was especially important given the marina’s location in the New Forest National Park. In places where reusing individual greenheart piles in their entirety wasn’t possible, bespoke ‘hybrid’ timber piles were introduced which combined a section of the existing timber with a lower steel encasement for the below-water-line section.

The fully-refurbished Buckler’s Hard Yacht Harbour now has an additional 66 berths capable of taking boats up to 20 metres in length.

“It’s been a very satisfying project to work on,” says Walcon Marine MD James Walters. “Sustainability and minimal environmental impact on-site are becoming increasingly important in the marina sector and Walcon has both the experience and equipment to deliver sensitive projects of this type. To return to Buckler’s Hard Yacht Harbour and its beautiful location – even in mid-winter – to complete this project has been a great pleasure.”

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