WATCH: fishing boat in peril off Peterhead

Peterhead Lifeboat launched in treacherous conditions to rescue a 160 tonne fishing vessel which was seconds away from crashing into the rocks at the town’s breakwater, last week.

The alarm was raised at 4.30pm when a tow broke between two fishing vessels, due to stormy conditions.

The boat was dangerously close to crashing into the rocks at Peterhead South Breakwater due to an easterly gale and significant swell combined with a backwash.

When the lifeboat arrived on the scene the conditions were described as ‘challenging’.

The crew established a tow at the first attempt and brought the fishing vessel and its crew back to safety.

“If we had arrived seconds later the boat would have hit the rocks and it may have been a different outcome,” says Patrick Davidson, Coxswain.

“As soon as I saw how close she was to the rocks I immediately requested the helicopter – due to the perilous situation I realised we only had one attempt to get this right.

“The crew and the skipper of the boat could not thank the lifeboat enough and said they’d be forever grateful which makes all the effort worthwhile.”

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