In Focus: Wescom Group’s first aid kits approved for marine use

Wescom Group first aid kits in yellow and orange packages for use on liferafts and in other marine situations

Wescom Group’s new first aid kits have now received Certificate of Type Approvals from Lloyd’s Register for marine use.

The ANP Pharma-branded products are the culmination of internal investment expanding Wescom Group’s UK pharmaceutical distribution facilities in Basildon, UK, to enable the development of SOLAS and Category C first aid kits for the marine sector.

The approval of the new range of first aid kits provides Wescom Group’s extensive global distribution network with the economic benefits of a single source partner that offers trusted large volume manufacturing, with logistical expertise in handling time sensitive and highly regulated products such as pharmaceuticals.

Wescom Group CEO Ross Wilkinson says: “Our comprehensive range of high-quality survival products from globally recognised brands gives our distributors and suppliers unprecedented reach for the supply and support of life raft survival solutions to customers worldwide.”

The new ANP Pharma-branded first aid kits offer a range of medical supplies for specific mandated requirements.

SOLAS Kits have been specifically designed to cater to the medical needs on life rafts and lifeboats and approved for use on ships registered outside the EU. This kit has a minimum 30-month shelf life and is drop tested to 36 metres to ensure it is robust enough to withstand harsh marine conditions.

Category C Kits are intended for vessels operating within a range of less than 60 miles from a port, including lifeboats and commercial life rafts. This medical kit is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the Code of Practice for small commercial vessels.

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