Woman, 26, killed by boat propeller while trying to retrieve flip-flops

woman fatally injured propeller

A young Colombian woman has been fatally struck by a boat propeller after jumping behind a boat to retrieve her flip-flops.

The woman, who has been named in Colombian news outlets as Natalia Andrea Larrañaga Fajardo, was from the city of Cali. Fajardo was on holiday at San Andrés island’s “White Watta” beach when the accident occurred on 27 November 2022.

Local news reports say that Fajardo had spotted some friends on a boat, and had climbed aboard to greet them. She had jumped off the boat and into the water to retrieve her missing flip-flops when she was struck by the boat propeller.

She was pulled onto a jetski and rushed to San Andreas hospital, suffering severe cuts on her legs and lower spine and bleeding heavily. Fajardo died in the early hours of November 28, after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Beachgoers on San Andreas island

Mobile phone footage of the incident that has circulated online shows onlookers screaming in horror as the sea turns red with blood.

Now, an investigation into the accident is underway, according to a release issued by the Maritime General Directorate through the Captaincy of Port of San Andrés Islands.

The boat, named in local media as Paradise One, was found to be duly registered and with its documentation up to date. According to reports, the boat involved in the incident was carrying 24 tourists and two crew members.

The vessel has been immobilised, and two crew members have been “put at the disposal” of authorities by the Coast Guard of the Colombian Navy as part of the investigation.

The Port of San Andreas Captain has reminded the boating community not to be near moving boats, to ensure you warn companions and crew of any activity you are conducting in the water, and to always make use of the life vest on board.

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