Axopar x Agapi Boat Club announces rapid expansion in new global locations

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Axopar x Agapi Boat Club says its first joint membership club will be opening in 2024 as it rapidly expands to new locations worldwide.

Axopar x Agapi Boat Club offers a membership concept for boating worldwide, with new openings in Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Channel Islands, Chile and Mexico in 2024, complementing existing Agapi Boat Clubs in the Nordics, UK, and the Mediterranean. This will create a network spanning 25 harbours across more than ten countries. Collaboration between Axopar Boats, Agapi Boat Club, and Axopar’s dealer network will help to provide integration, utilising established businesses and skilled staff. More locations are set to follow.

The strategic partnership between x Agapi and Axopar is aiming to attract a new generation of boaters looking for circular economy-based models, and sustainability and is focused on offering alternatives to going boating other than traditional ownership.

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According to Agapi, the partnership not only disrupts the boating sector but also brings great business potential to grow the boating market.

To facilitate the rapid growth and expansion of Agapi Boat Club in 2024-2025, backed by Axopar, a financial round is underway to secure further investments into the fleet and new strategic partners.

Peder Asplund, founding partner and CEO of Agapi Boat Club, is happy to open the doors to the first new joint clubs with Axopar: “The onboarding of all these new partners has already begun and apart from adding a lot of exciting locations, to the great benefit of our growing member base, we are also adding the knowledge and experience from these new partners with a strong local presence that share our mission on how to bring boating to a new dimension.”

Jan-Erik Viitala, founding partner of Axopar Boats, says: “Our new club concept aligns perfectly with our dedication to bring more people out on the water, encouraging shared usage of boats and a perfect way for our Axopar dealers to expand their business into urban mobility and subscription based services.”

New Global PayGo membership

Axopar x Agapi membership plans range from €3,500-45,000 per year, depending on boat category and usage.

In January 2024, Axopar x Agapi Boat Club is launching the first Global PayGo membership to all of Axopar’s new and existing boat owners globally.

The membership will allow ‘Axoparians’ to travel and use a boat that is already very familiar to them. Members gain access to Axopar boats of the same size range as their own boat in all Axopar x Agapi and Agapi Boat Club locations. At all club locations, a member will be welcomed and prior to going out boating, will be guided through the boat of choice and will receive information on local rules and legislation. The staff will also recommend attractive destinations to visit, local hidden gems, harbours, and restaurants.

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Axopar x Agapi Boat Club openings in spring 2024

Spain, Menorca

Spain, Empuriabrava

France, Corsica

France, Bay of Saint-Tropez

Italy, La Spezia

The Netherlands, Amsterdam

Channel Islands, Jersey

Chile, Patagonia

Mexico, Cancún

More club locations are also due to open later in 2024.

Axopar 37 XC Cross Cabin

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