Superyacht refit firm builds recycling centre in Port of Barcelona

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MB92 Group, a superyacht refit, repair, and maintenance company with facilities in Spain and France, has joined with Pinmar to build a new plastic recycling centre in collaboration with the Barcelona Port Authority.

The new 200m2 plastic recycling centre has been commissioned in the Port of Barcelona to manage the recycling of all waste plastic generated during refit projects at MB92 Group’s facilities and other Pinmar facilities. Pinmar is part of GYG Ltd, a global superyacht service and supply group.

The centre will feature a modular system from Kitech recycling solutions, creating the capacity to process over 100 tonnes of waste plastic each year, according to MB92. The project is being financed by an MB92 Group investment with additional support from Pinmar.

MB92 Group and Pinmar spearheaded a 12-month research process, working with recycling consultants, materials experts, and equipment manufacturers to identify ways to reduce overall plastic waste throughout both companies.

It was previously the case that paint contamination encountered during a refit rendered any plastic used was unsuitable for recycling. However, the latest advances in recycling equipment allow for waterless, and non-chemical cleaning using physical manipulation and infrared filtration to decontaminate plastic safely.

The equipment used in the new centre produces shredded plastic flakes, which can be recycled into materials for a wide range of industrial uses.

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“We have focused a lot of attention on waste management over the last few years and have made real progress in areas such as waste classification, as well as identifying ways to extend the life of materials,” says Marc Hervás, MB92 Group sustainability manager.

“For example, we have implemented a methodology to identify plastic protection for re-use, reducing consumption. We are also working closely with local circular economy projects at both sites to upcycle and give new life to certain materials. This recycling centre initiative is another example of how collaboration can lead to positive solutions. We are excited to see how it performs and look forward to sharing results and details of an ambitious second stage of the project.”

Last year, MB92 commissioned a report that found the superyacht supply chain is in need of increased regulation and environmental assessment to improve sustainability across the industry.

The report, “A Joint Effort for the Oceans — Driving Sustainability Across the Supply Chain,” published in March 2023, highlights the need for greater regulation and cooperation across the superyacht industry and its vast supply chain.

Remy Millott, GYG CEO, comments: “I am extremely excited by this important initiative, we carried out extensive research to explore the different materials and options available to replace plastic tenting, and the results were very conclusive.

“When treated properly, plastic is a highly efficient material which can be used multiple times and provides the performance and safety characteristics required for the important superyacht refit projects MB92 and Pinmar undertake. Having full visibility and control of the plastic lifecycle from beginning to end is key and provides transparency and accountability throughout the recycling process.”

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