SSCo’s Padel Court brings game to superyachts

Render of two people playing a ball game in a court on a superyacht deck.

Shipyard Supply Co (SSCo) has introduced the latest in its range of superyacht deck equipment with a free-standing Padel Court.

Padel is a fusion of tennis and squash, and has seemingly been growing in popularity. The court can also be adapted for various other sports such as squash or racketball.

The project was at the request of an owner with a 110-metre superyacht currently in build. Because it’s free-standing, the court eliminates the need for fitted deck sockets and poles. This, SSCo says, means it can be used on almost any helideck including operational yachts that cannot accommodate additional sockets.

“We are excited to introduce the Padel Court to our expanding portfolio of games deck projects,” says CEO Josh Richardson. “The SSCo team has worked tirelessly to bring this vision to life. We believe that being on water shouldn’t restrict the choice of sports available, and we always strive to be one step ahead of the game. Having extensively designed, engineered and tested this system we are confident in offering it to all superyachts.”

The court is made from carbon and utilises Plexiglass and mesh panels. SSCo says it’s easy to assemble and pack down, and its flat modular panels make it easy to store.

“Our Padel Court features custom-designed elements tailored to the unique challenges of maritime environments,” says technical manager Richard Clements. “From specialised materials to innovative engineering solutions, every aspect of the court has been carefully crafted to ensure optimal functionality and durability. Our Padel Court redefines onboard entertainment, providing an experience that is unmatched in the industry.”

In November last year, the company launched a five-metre carbon tender mooring whip in response to demand for those who required mooring whips for smaller tenders which offered flexibility, lightness and strength.

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