boot Düsseldorf 2024 latest: show kicks off with 55,000 visitors over the weekend

Boot Dusseldorf 2024

Almost 55,000 visitors visited boot Düsseldorf 2024 on Saturday and Sunday to find out about the innovations and new products in the yachting and water sports industry, say organisers.

The event runs 20 – 28 January 2024 and has already seen world debuts and new partnerships launch.

“The atmosphere in the 16 exhibition halls is excellent,” says boot director Petros Michelidakis. “Despite the challenging economic conditions, the majority of exhibiting companies have given us very positive feedback and reported high quality discussions and a keen buying public. I am particularly pleased with the high level of satisfaction among the companies that are returning after a break in 2023. The hands-on activities and exciting stage programs are also real crowd pullers.”

The latest roundup of boot Düsseldorf 2024 news includes: BlueNav showcases bumpy blades, ePropulsion unveils its smallest outboard, world debut of Fairline‘s Targa 40, iAQUA premieres its extreme electric surfboard, Nautor Swan speaks of successes, Searider talks motorbikes of the sea, Sunseeker uses YouTuber to intro Ocean 182 (3-deck behemoth), Nimbus Group showcases the Alukin Ocean Air 8, world debut of Brabus Shadow 1200 XC Cross-Cabin Black Ops Signature Edition, Riva‘s first electric model, and Wally introduces wallypower50 (tender).

Axopar 29

The Axopar 29 range launch marks a ‘new era in innovation’ for the brand and also kicks off Axopar’s 10th anniversary celebrations at the show. 

The 29 is replacement for the hugely popular Axopar 28, which, when launched in 2014, was the first Nordic walkaround outboard-powered 28-foot boat range, laying the foundation for Axopar’s future.

The brand says the Axopar 29 range is even more multifunctional, maintaining exceptional value for money and is made to push and redefine the adventure boat genre, even when the sub-30-foot category itself has developed enormously with new brands entering the market in the last years.

BlueNav showcases whale design blades

BlueNav, heavily invested in creating solutions to convert medium-sized boats (8 to 15 metres) from combustion engines into hybrid electric boats, has presented a new design for its BlueSpin electric motor’s blades at boot Düsseldorf 2024.

The company says the engineering office spent a year on research and technical studies, to craft blades in the shape of a whale’s fin. BlueNav’s engineers demonstrated with computational fluid dynamics that the bumps on the flippers of cetaceans and the striations on their belly have a result: they reduce drag, and increase fluid flow efficiency.

While nature follows an incremental and random bias for its evolution, humans can mimic designs that have been shown to be more efficient and quieter, even if, sometimes, they defy traditional engineering theories, says the company.

“We are proud to introduce the Whale Design, a testament to our dedication to progress and sustainable engineering. Our mission has always been to push the boundaries of what is possible, and with this innovative design, we are one step closer to achieving that goal,” says Hervé Frouin, co-founder and CTO.

Brabus premieres Shadow 1200 Black Ops Signature Edition


At 45 feet, the all-new Brabus Shadow 1200 XC Cross-Cabin Black Ops Signature Edition is the biggest Brabus Shadow ever built. The combined power of triple 400 HP Mercury Racing 5.7l V10 engines gives a claimed top speed of up to 55 knots.

The new Brabus Shadow 1200 XC Cross-Cabin model enters the market with the bold and renowned ‘Black Ops Signature Edition’ look, boasting graphite black paint job, with matching upholstery colours and sleek hull badges in black chrome.

Brabus Marine is an alliance of Finnish boat builder Axopar Boats and Brabus, a luxury mobility brand out of Germany’s Ruhr-Region.

ePropulsion unveils eLite electric outboard motor

This is the smallest offering so far in ePropulsion’s extensive electric outboard portfolio, benefiting the tender and smaller boating market

The eLite benefits from nominal power of 500W and a maximum power in boost mode of 750W. It has been created for the tender and smaller boating market.

The direct-drive motor and advanced design propeller are said to deliver high efficiency with near-silent operation. With a focus on minimal maintenance and cutting-edge technology, this addition to the range raises the bar in electric boating standards.

Boasting a compact and lightweight design, weighing just 6.7kg (excluding bracket) and measuring a mere 297 x 75 x 890mm, the eLite is transportable. It features easy removal and installation facilitated by a one-click quick release system.

Designed for adaptability, the eLite features an easy-grip twist grab handle which is extendable, foldable and the angle is adjustable for a personalised boating experience.

The eLite also includes an adjustable shaft length to accommodate numerous boat sizes and types. Additionally, it offers multiple angles for trim and tilt.

Fairline Targa 40

Fairline has unveiled its highly anticipated all-new Targa 40 in a world debut at this year’s Boot Düsseldorf, supported by the European debut of the all-new Squadron 58.

According to the UK boatbuilder, the Targa 40 brings the ‘wow’ factor to Fairline’s line-up, taking the popularity of the Targa 38 and elevating it for the 21st century with a landmark power-down beach club balcony to starboard.  Its open cockpit offers a hardtop and electric canvas sunroof, opening the whole main deck. 

iAQUA premieres its extreme e-surfboard

iAQUA says its X-Jet Extreme, revealed during boot Düsseldorf 2024, is the world’s fastest, most powerful, and most versatile electric surfboard. It has a 20kW jet drive and has previously reached 68kph.

“The power and endurance of the X-Jet Extreme is truly game-changing. I am completely hooked,” says Annissa Flynn, three times World Flow-Board Champion, and 19 times (and current) Thailand National Surfing Champion.

At just 23kg, the 100 per cent carbon fibre X-Jet Extreme is one of the lightest e-surfboards in its category and offers a 160kg weight capacity for two surfers. It can, seemingly, cover a distance of more than 30 kilometres on a single charge.

Nautor Swan promises a vibrant 2024

Nautor Swan says it’s looking forward to a ‘sparkling 2024’ for the group. At a press briefing during boot Düsseldorf the firm said that, thanks to its new product strategy, the turnover growth over the past year is +16 per cent. It’s currently sitting with an active order portfolio over €150 million; five new models under construction across sail and motor; and it’s investing in new models.

“We are thrilled to start the new year with so many updates to share with our passionate followers. We are working on more, but we want to tickle your curiosity,” says Giovanni Pomati, Nautor Group CEO. “We are going through a very positive, but still challenging period and we are striving to do our best to deliver our beautiful yachts, both in the sailing and power segments.”

Nautor’s strategy to broaden its motor yacht range is taking shape with the Swan Arrow 75 footer, designed by Jarkko Jamsén, the motor yacht division resident designer. Swan Arrow aims to be an ‘open’ yacht suited to extended cruising.

Nimbus Group exhibits Alukin Ocean Air 8

Nimbus Group is showcasing a new energy-efficient concept boat, Alukin Ocean Air 8, at the international trade fair. 

Nimbus Group is also displaying a new RIB (rigid inflatable boat) boat with an electric engine from Stream, another of the group’s brands. 

“Sustainability is increasingly important within the boating industry, and Alukin Ocean Air 8 is based on a new and very interesting hull technology with great energy-saving potential,” says Michael Bohm, CMO at Nimbus Group. “But the RIB technology is also of great interest from a sustainability perspective as these types of boats do not require as much power and thus are easy to electrify.” 


Alukin Ocean Air 8 is a concept boat that has been developed in collaboration between Nimbus Group’s brand Alukin and the two Norwegian companies Pascal Technologies and Evoy. The hull is based on Pascal Technologies’ energy efficient AirHull technology which requires up to 50 percent less energy for propulsion which increases the boat’s range by 50-100 percent compared to using a traditional hull. 

By using aluminum for Ocean Air 8’s hull and superstructure the boat is 100 percent recyclable, which further reduces the boat’s environmental impact. It is the first time that Alukin-branded boats have gone on display at boot Düsseldorf.

Riva debuts first electric model

Ferretti Group is taking a fleet of six boats to the German boat show, including the world premiere of the Riva El-Iseo, which was presented in prototype form last September at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Riva El-Iseo

A runabout almost 9 metres in length, Riva El-Iseo uses a fully electric motor and high-density lithium battery pack with a capacity of 150 kWh split into two independent blocks. The Italian boatbuilder says it delivers unprecedented performance in terms of speed, acceleration and navigation.

After successfully completing the final test cycle, Ferretti Group says the official version of El-Iseo — the first Riva model created for the e-luxury segment — is ready for sale.

Searider brings its water motorbikes

Searider has ‘officially’ launched at the show. The company describes itself as blending the essence of motorcycling with the spirit of water sports. Thus, it has created three models of watercraft to suit varying abilities (beginners, experienced riders, or thrill-seekers).

The watercraft are fully electric, equipped with removable batteries for maximum autonomy, and weigh less than 70kg, This means, says the company, that they offer a fun and sustainable boating experience.

‘It’s not just a new way to move on water; it’s a revolution redefining the future of navigation, where innovation and ecology meet’ apparently.

Sunseeker celebrates its Ocean 182

Sunseeker has debuted its Ocean 182 to the European market. The company says the Ocean 182 has already had a phenomenal twelve months with several debuts in the United States. It’s got over 2,000 square feet of interior space spanning three decks.

The boot Düsseldorf 2024 event welcomed supercar expert and international YouTube star, Tim Burton (pictured centre) better known as Shmee150 (between Andrea Frabetti and Christopher Head).

“The Ocean 182 European debut was a fantastic experience that I was thrilled to be a part of,” says Burton. “It is an impressive machine with 4,000 horsepower and an incredible amount of space. It’s a floating penthouse with supercar engines. I’m tempted to switch gears and try my hand at driving a Sunseeker on the water.”

Wally launches wallypower50

Wally and Ferretti Group teams believe they’ve built a bridge between their two ranges with all-new wallypower50. This can seemingly serve as anything from chaseboat to tender to day-cruiser to luxury weekender to high-octane thrill-ride.

It’s not just about grunt, of course, says the company (the standard model offers propulsion via twin Volvo Penta IPS650s that offer a 30-knot cruise and a top speed of 36 knots). The wallypower50 and wallypower50X draw on a deep-V hull to offer stability at speed and the ability to cruise faster even in bigger seas, meaning more scope to enjoy everything the wallypower50 offers in more conditions.

“It’s no accident the original wallypower118 has become so iconic, thanks to her revolutionary looks and revelatory performance,” says Luca Bassani, founder and chief designer of Wally. “And it’s no accident that the new wallypower50 shares that groundbreaking spirit and performance DNA, showing how we are able to capture the essence of that original model and distil it into a new milestone model for the modern boater.


“At Wally, design has always been at the forefront of what we do, and what we do has always been at the forefront of the yachting industry. The wallypower50 is another perfect example of form and function coming together, where stylish lines do not come at the expense of dynamic performance but complement it. And the further you drill down into the details, the more of Wally you find, from our distinctive angular windshield design up top to the option of our Magic Portholes below.”

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