Cantiere Rossini unveils new repaint shed development

Cantiere Rossini has opened its new repainting sheds. The identical sheds have interior dimensions of 64m length, 22m width and a height of 21.5m, affording the capability to host +50m motor yachts without removing masts.

The sheds are equipped with separate state-of-the-art extraction systems for dust and solvents.

Cantiere Rossini’s new repaint sheds advanced geothermal heating system uses a natural refrigerant gas and sea water as source of energy, leading to low energy consumptions. Amazingly all the energy used in the repainting operation produces zero CO2.

Thanks to an additional investment of €25 million, Cantiere Rossini was able to build the two new repaint sheds and is also adding new offices and a wellness centre to its on-site offerings.

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