ChartCo launches Fixed Price PAYS solution

ChartCo is expanding its OneOcean digital solution with its new ‘Fixed Price Pay As You Sail’ (PAYS) system which is the first such system to allow budgetary certainty and global Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) data for planning and navigation purposes.

The brand-new product will be launched on 1 July 2019, and vessels using PAYS will be tracked and only charged for ENC permits according to the routes they actually sail. Ship managers and owners will be provided with the Annual Fixed Price service, offering budgetary certainty on annual ENC costs as well as benefiting from processing one order and invoice per year.

“Our focus at ChartCo has always been to simplify the working life of mariners, and our new Fixed Price PAYS offering – combined with the fully integrated OneOcean platform – take simplicity to a new level,” says Howard Stevens, ChartCo CCO. “Our continued focus is on streamlining the process of buying navigational and compliance data. We’ve had an encouraging amount of customer uptake on our already existing Fixed Price Nautical Service, and our PAYS service combining the two represents the next evolution of digital navigation.”

Howard Stevens, ChartCo CCO

The combination of ChartCo’s OneOcean Fixed Price PAYS with the innovative Fixed Price Nautical Service (FPNS) means that all navigational and compliance requirements are conveniently and efficiently covered with a single invoice.

PAYS also provides weekly updates exported to ECDIS via USB, DVD or network transfer. The solution is particularly useful for vessels that do not travel on fixed routes and are required to alter passages at any time as it eliminates the need to order new cells.

ChartCo possesses ENC expertise in abundance, so clients have the security of knowing that the company is equipped with the widest range of Electronic Navigational Charts and innovative solutions, all built upon a well-founded, in-depth knowledge of the industry and its myriad, ever-changing regulations. And of course, all available through the complete compliance platform – OneOcean.

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