Cremer arrives as Russell Crowe sends birthday message to Hare (VG update 2Feb21)

Clarisse Cremer completed her Vendée Globe yesterday and received a message from Ellen MacArthur congratulating her on her race. Cremer says she was more excited about than her 12th place or being the first woman home.

“The number 12th is not that important, the goal was to finish the Vendée Globe,” says Cremer. “Having finished in full race mode and having sailed well and the fact of being the first woman that is just the cherry on the top.

“We are not very numerous and yes people speak about us more because as the first woman it highlights the project. But on the water I never tell myself anything is different because I am a woman. I have a boat and if competitors are men or women I don’t think about it on the water, yes it is a subject we end up talking about a lot, but it does not affect the way I race at all.

“Being the first woman is good, but it was never my first objective and my thoughts are still with the women who are still on the water and others who we expected great positions from, Sam and Isa who were not lucky and had damage, but to have the courage to set sail again and finish the course.

“I am realising with three months of experience now I realise how I did not know how to do everything on board at the start, even if I was prepared. It is a pleasant feeling to know you have mastered the subject, that you mastered your boat but I am still fascinated by these boats. This morning I was in 40kts and I was nor even afraid, these beasts are made to go around the world, they are fascinating machines, objects and so there is a pride in having brought it and myself back safely and correctly.

“At the start I was quite scared of this big machine, but now sometimes I feel it is not that big any more, you get accustomed to it and find your marks. But technically I still have a lot to learn and that was what required the most psychological work for me accept I could not master everything. I still have elements missing and am not up to a level with my boat. I would like to know it better still.”

Pip Hare’s received a message from Russell Crowe

Hare’s team have invited people to send their best wishes. And, given that Hare’s favourite film is Master & Commander, Russell Crowe has sent his via the BBC. Watch his video message below, and if you want to send your regards, you can do so online.

Hear from skippers around the fleet

Miranda Merron’s looking forward to vino

Listen as Merron checks in yesterday and talks about her day at a time strategy – and how she’s looking forward to red wine (09.30 3Feb21).

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