Discover the Jotun Yachting range with its new yachting website

Jotun – one of the leading global coatings manufacturers – has launched a new UK yachting website, to help yacht owners choose the perfect products for their yacht.

With a fantastic reputation for commercial marine coatings in the UK, its long established range of yacht coatings has remained a hidden gem. Those who have previously discovered the range are now long term fans. However, the message is now out and all boat owners can experience the performance for themselves.

The team at Jotun Yachting understand how important maintaining yachts to the highest standard is. As boat owners themselves, they know that high performance products, which can be easily applied, make a huge difference to pre-season fit out. The Jotun Yachting range has been designed over decades with this in mind.

Jotun prides itself on using unique technologies within its products, providing excellent technical expertise and great customer service. Now available to the British boat owner.

From antifouling, topcoats and varnishes, to fillers, primer and undercoats Jotun supplies every coating needed to maintain your yacht. All extensively tested in the real world to ensure they meet expectations.

Visit the new Jotun Yachting website before making your choice of paint for 2018. Not only to discover and learn about the wide range of products available, but also to seek advice regarding health and safety, as well as plenty of technical tips straight from the experts.

Visit the new website at:

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