Sanlorenzo announces change in leadership

Sanlorenzo SpA, Ferruccio Rossi steps down as Executive Director Ferruccio Rossi

Italian boatbuilder Sanlorenzo has confirmed a significant change in leadership, after Ferruccio Rossi stepped down as the firm’s executive director.

Until Monday (8 April 2024), Rossi held the roles of executive director, general manager and executive within the company, which is based in La Spezia.

The firm says that Rossi has decided, in agreement with the company, to “conclude his professional cycle” alongside Massimo Perotti, current chair of Sanlorenzo.

“I am confident that the new and different relationship of collaboration currently under negotiation with Ferruccio Rossi will be just as successful and result in fruitful mutual cooperation,” says Perotti. “I confirm that the organization of Sanlorenzo adequately absorbs the functions that were performed by Ferruccio Rossi.”

Born in La Spezia, Rossi has previously worked at Forlì group, where he held various strategic roles both in Italy, as CEO of Riva, and overseas, as North America country manager, until being appointed group executive officer in 2012, when the Ferretti Group came under the control of the Chinese Shandong Heavy Industry Group (SHIG)-Weichai.

Rossi joined Sanlorenzo two years later, in 2014, and took on numerous positions within the group, including president of the Superyacht Division, delegate councillor of Bluegame, chair of the Board of Directors of Fortune Yacht LLC, councillor of Marine Yachting Monaco Sam, and CEO of PN Sviluppo and PN VSY.

The consensual conclusion of his role as an executive will be effective from 30 April 2024. Rossi will maintain his position as a director, without delegations, until the end of October 2024, a period during which he will gradually leave all positions in the other companies of the group.

A non-competition agreement has also been activated, which will last until 30 April 2025.

Sanlorenzo says it is evaluating the “possibility of a new collaboration contract between Rossi and Sanlorenzo for the development of specific projects.”

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