Good news for freight at Goole

Following representations by both IWA East Yorkshire Branch and IWA’s Inland Waterways Freight Group, Goole has backed down over proposals to increase charges for freight and to remove the free locking period either side of high tide for pleasure craft. As reported in Bulletin on 26th July 2017, ABP proposed, as part of a review of tariff charges at Hull and Goole, to introduce a minimum £500 charge for Ships Dues for river craft at both Hull and Goole.  IWA considered that this would have a detrimental impact on existing and potential future freight traffic, including proposals to re-introduce commercial traffic on the Aire and Calder to Leeds and the existing traffic of oil to Rotherham. The proposed loss of the free penning period for the use of the locks into or out of the River Ouse at Goole would have added cost and danger to pleasure craft accessing the waterways of the North East, particularly full length narrow boats which cannot use the route via Keadby and the Stainforth & Keadby Canal due to the length of Thorne Lock.  IWA also joined others in concern for potential significant increase in fees for the use of the locks by charity preserved barges such as Syntan, Comrade, Amy Howson and Sobriety.At a time when efforts are being made to increase freight use of the North East waterways, and in order to encourage more pleasure craft to use these under-used waterways, IWA is extremely pleased to report that Associated British Ports has now confirmed that they will not be implementing the proposed changes, and that arrangements for all canal and river craft will remain as follows: River Craft – Ports of Hull and Goole

Any cargo carrying River Craft, navigating the River Humber and not passing from the River Humber to the sea, will be exempt from ships dues and rent provided they leave the dock on or before the third day after entry (dates of entry and departure count).Sea-going vessels that proceed into and through Goole Dock to load/discharge cargo at wharves on the Aire and Calder, shall be charged at a discount of one third of the lowest scheduled ships dues charge as specified in the Hull and Goole Port Tariff.

Any other River Craft entering the Ports for purposes other than accessing the Canal at Goole, shall be charged Class 5 Ships Dues subject to a minimum of £500 and Dock Rent shall be payable from date of entry at £130 per week or part thereof.

Pleasure Craft – Port of Goole
The free penning period for Pleasure Craft using the Goole locks (2½ hours before predicted high water and 1½ hours after) shall remain in force.  Any penning operations performed outside of the free penning period and also outside of normal working hours, by prior arrangement with the Dock Master, will continue to be charged the applicable penning fee.

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