Gulf Craft exploring hydrogen for its superyacht fleet

Gulf Craft chairman, Mohammed Hussein Alshaali

Yacht manufacturer Gulf Craft has announced the exploration of hydrogen technology for its superyacht fleet.

Gulf Craft in partnership with H2-Enterprises is exploring the development of a zero-emissions Majesty yacht, which could be powered by an innovative LOHC (Liquid Organic, Hydrogen Carrier) energy system. H2-Enterprises has been working on this technology for the last 13 years and has now reached the stage of development to power a superyacht.

“We are excited to embark on a significant new milestone in the evolution of luxury yachting and our path to sustainability,” says Gulf Craft chairman, Mohammed Hussein Alshaali. “Gulf Craft has always been driven by a deep commitment to innovation and responsible stewardship of our oceans. Exploring the technology and potential partnership with H2-Enterprises allows us to lead in a new era of emissions-free luxury, where opulence and sustainability intertwine seamlessly.”

Michael Stusch, executive chairman and CEO of H2-Enterprises adds: “CO2 emissions need to be reduced rapidly and radically to achieve the climate change goals. Our LOHC technology is suitable for replacing the current carbon-based pollutant-contaminated CO2 and NOX based energy system.”

Gulf Craft manufacturers boats from 32ft to 175ft in two manufacturing facilities – a 462,000 sq ft facility in Umm Al Quwain and a 100,000 sq ft facility in the Maldives. It also has a service centre in Ajman. To date, the company has built over 10,000 boats.

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