New category added to university sailing sustainability challenge

Each year, students from university sailing clubs across the country work to achieve a sustainability award level from the Green Blue’s University Sailing Sustainability Challenge. There are a range of categories which contain a list of actions for each award level that participating clubs can achieve. New for this year’s students is the ‘conscious consumer’ category, which focuses on raising awareness of the origin and lifecycle of products, in particular, boating equipment, clothes and the packaging that the items arrive in.

“It’s really important to us that the challenge continues to give students the opportunity to demonstrate innovation and sustainability in the areas of boating that they’re most passionate about,” says Kate Fortnam, Green Blue’s campaign manager.

“Young people are becoming much more conscious when it comes to the environmental footprint of the products they’re buying and the new focus category, conscious consumer, recognises that interest and the importance of making more sustainable choices.”

British University Sailing Association (BUSA), the representative body for university sailing in the UK, has supported the event since its inception six years ago. The challenge continues to grow and more universities take part each year with last year’s being a record breaker with over thirty clubs signing-up. 

“BUSA is excited to be at the start of another year of the Green Blue’s USSC,” says Kate Ledgard, BUSA. “This year we would love to see a record number of universities not only participating, but also completing awards. Environmental sustainability and looking after our waterways and seas is essential for the enjoyment of our sport, and university sailing clubs are in an ideal position to increase awareness and to help create change.”

OceanЯ, who produces sustainable apparel and products for eco-conscious businesses and consumers, has also confirmed its support by becoming the challenge sponsor for a second year in a row.

“We are delighted to once again sponsor the Green Blue’s University Sailing Sustainability Challenge. We strongly believe that sustainability must be a priority topic for everyone, and young adults in particular can play a defining role in how we make our future a more sustainable one,” says Tom Cotter, CEO, OceanЯ.

“It is great to see students coming together in exceptionally challenging times, to take action to protect our oceans and create a greener environment for us all, which aligns closely with our core mission at OceanЯ.”

The competition begins in September, but university sailing clubs are encouraged to register their interest now ahead of the Autumn term.

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