PSP Worldwide Logistics launches Hong Kong office

PSP Hpng Kong office

British forwarder PSP Worldwide Logistics has formed a new joint venture in Hong Kong, PSP Logistics Hong Kong.

PSP Worldwide Logistics says it has seen a substantial increase in demand for project shipping across the region requiring specific specialist knowledge. Shipping such large, heavy, and often delicate cargo requires complex planning and specialist competencies and skills.

PSP managing director Frank Dixie says the new venture, signed with Unitex International Forwarding, significantly expands the firm’s ability to provide end-to-end expertise to its customers, in response to this increase in demand.

“Hong Kong and China are both big manufacturing markets for project shippers,” says Dixie. “Our long-term agents are very established in the region, and their objectives align with our ambitious strategic plans. Our strong position in niche project shipping and our partner’s invaluable local and regional knowledge and network make this new business a force to be reckoned with.”

PSP Worldwide Logistics’ finance director Darron Strange joined the JV partners and the new freight forwarding employee in Hong Kong this week, signing the final contracts ready for the company to start working immediately. The office opened for business on 8 August 2023.

“I have spent time this week with our partners from Unitex International Forwarding, finalising our business plan and contractual obligations and mutual expectations,” says Strange. “This is a new chapter for us at PSP Worldwide Logistics, and we are delighted to have an office in this region after so many years.”

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