In Focus: RAD says charging networks cure for range anxiety

RAD Propulsion

Rich Daltry, RAD co-founder, doesn’t shy away from environmental challenges facing the maritime sector. He says: “The marine industry is a major emitter of CO2, and an average boat engine produces ten times the CO2 of a car per km.”

That’s why his company launched its RAD 40 — electric drive — at METS 2022 and started shipping to its first customers earlier this year, including Hyrex in Norway and Valkama in Finland.

“With 30 million boats in the world the need is clear, added to this internal combustion engines are noisy, maintenance heavy and expensive to run. RAD offers a credible alternative to fossil-fuelled engines but more than this our superior products eliminate a lot of concerns users of traditional combustion engines have around reliability and control,” says Daltry (pictured).

He’s all about helping people make the switch without compromising on performance.

“We understand perceptions about the performance of electric drives and we believe the RAD 40 is a product that will overcome any concerns. From -40C temperature to +50g shocks, the RAD 40 has been pushed to its limits to guarantee robust durability.

“Range anxiety can be an obstacle to people making the switch to electric but with the ever increasing fast charging networks popping up in more and more locations and the enhanced battery life you can go much further than you think.”

Electric corridors are growing rapidly like in the UK’s South West and in Italy plus RAD is part of ZENOW, a partnership of UK marine businesses and organisations led by RS Electric Boats. The project aims to deploy the world’s largest network of electric boats, all powered by RAD, and code them ready for commercial service. The project spans London and the South West with partners such as the Environment Agency, harbour commissioners, the Royal Yachting Association (RYA), and sailing academies.

Daltry says it’s been chosen because the RAD 40 “is the first blank sheet designed outboard in the 40kW range that breaks from the constraints of the traditional internal combustion outboard format.” As such, it also comes in a compact form that frees up space on the boat and features 180 degree steering and according to the company requires minimal maintenance, “making dodgy fuel gauges and clogged filters a thing of the past. There are reduced running costs when compared to fossil fuel powered systems and it’s ready for use wherever and whenever you need it,” he says.

Currently the company is working with other boatbuilders on “bespoke solutions that fit seamlessly into a boat’s hull. We offer the full package complete with a drive-by-wire control system and cables for easy installation. RAD tag, RAD throttle, steering wheel and battery interface come as standard, and we have a range of batteries to suit each customer’s needs.”

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