RELiON launches new 12V marine battery

RELiON Battery, a leader in lithium batteries, has launched its InSight Series 12V battery, which it says offers boat and RV owners the ability to power more appliances for longer while off-the-grid.

Designed specifically for RV and marine deep cycle applications, the InSight 12V enables users to disconnect further by powering electronics for longer and connecting to shore power less often. The company says one battery at 120 amp-hours, providing 160 amps continuous current, can power multiple appliances in an RV or marine vessel at the same time.

“We are thrilled to release the third battery in our game-changing InSight Series line of products,” says Eric Lindquist, RELiON‘s chief operating officer. “The development of the InSight Series 12V Battery fills a critical need in the marketplace and was inspired by our customers who seek the utmost reliability and performance when they are on the road or on the water.

“We believe we are setting a new standard for the industry by providing a higher peak discharge, which will play an integral part in the customer experience and the power capabilities consumers will begin to expect going forward.”

RELiON says the InSight 12V Battery offers:

  • Higher continuous capabilities offering 3,200 watts for up to two minutes.
  • Low temperature performance for seamless and safe charging at temperatures down to -4°F (-16C).
  • Internal heat sink preventing overheating of critical components and extending the life of the battery.
  • SuperSmart BMS with intuitive software capable of calculating state of charge and state of health.
  • GC2 size and IP67 case to fit virtually anywhere while being waterproof.

RELiON released its InSight Series line in 2019 with the InSight 48V, the first scalable lithium drop-in replacement battery for use in golf cars, LSVs, PTVs and utility vehicles.

Lindquist continues: “The success of our InSight Series line has been phenomenal, and we are excited to fulfil our customers’ desire for new models in the lineup. At RELiON we look at the challenges our customers face and truly listen to their feedback. This enables our team to stay at the forefront of what our customers need and provide an intuitive experience with lithium, so they can focus on the journey ahead.”

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This article was written and/or edited by the UK-based MIN team.

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