RYA collaborates with Navionics to develop new training resources

RYA collaborates with Navionics to develop new training resources

The RYA announces a collaboration with Navionics which will see the introduction of newly developed print and digital resources for teaching electronic navigation in the classroom.

With electronic navigation aids now present on most leisure vessels and available on personal electronic devices, the new materials will further bridge the gap between the RYA’s shore-based and practical training schemes, better preparing students for the situations and systems they are likely to encounter on the water.

The Navionics range of electronic navigation charts provides boaters around the world with the tools to facilitate and enjoy their time on the water. RYA members are already able to take advantage of exclusive Navionics offers and discounts through the RYA member reward programme, making the electronic chart manufacturer perfectly positioned to support the development of the new training resources.

Emma Clayton, Chief Instructor for the RYA shore-based courses, says: “We are delighted to be working with Navionics to develop these exciting new training materials. The aim is to start simple, ensuring that students are equipped with a sound understanding of the principles and practical application of electronic navigation aids, as well as an appreciation of their limitations and place alongside traditional navigation techniques.

“With all the fantastic technology that’s out there today, electronic navigation aids are now used on vessels of every size and shape. This new collaboration cements our commitment to future proofing our schemes, ensuring content remains relevant and up-to-date for recreational users, as well as those that go on to work on large commercial vessels.”

Marcello Albanese, Navionics Director of Sales and Business Development, says: “Navionics is delighted to collaborate with the RYA in their development of the new training materials. It is essential for boaters to understand traditional navigation techniques as delivered through the internationally recognised RYA training schemes.

“The RYA clearly recognises the continual advances in technology and its associated benefits, along with its widespread use. This new collaboration will ensure that their teaching of electronic navigation will continue to remain relevant and up to date for all mariners.”

The new printed training materials will be introduced to the RYA Day Skipper and the RYA Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Offshore shore-based courses in 2020.

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