Sail Aid UK News: Adopt a Roof BVI aims high


Adopt a Roof BVI aims high.

Sail Aid UK (SAUK) was set up in the immediate aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and José that swept through the Leeward Islands leaving entire island communities devastated in September last year. The six Trustees organised and hosted a high-profile gala fundraising evening for the UK sailing community which raised an astonishing £50,000.

The Charity is keen to hear from any organisation needing help with funding regeneration and repair projects, ideally relating to sailing or the sailing community in the Islands.

SAUK Trustee Peta Stuart-Hunt is keen to maintain the magnificent momentum started last year, commenting:

We are relying on everyone’s help to continue spreading the word about Sail Aid UK and to encourage those Island-based sailing clubs and organisations looking for additional funding for sailing community-related or boating-specific projects as a direct result of hurricane damage, to get in touch with us as soon as possible. 

“The Grant Application form and Grant Policy documents are downloadable direct from our website footer.”

Adopt a Roof aims high

With the peak of the hurricane season not that far off (late August and early Sept being the most dangerous period with statistically the peak day being Sept 10th) and such stark reminders remaining of the tragedy and devastation faced in September last year, Sail Aid UK requested and received an update from Jim Scott on behalf of One Love BVI, regarding Adopt A Roof.

The first two pictures are of a roof towards which funds from One Love BVI’s Adopt A Roof fund have helped repair. SAUK’s grant has been part of that fund. This house belongs to a lady named Shirley Robinson and the pictures show the condition of the building after the hurricane and the top view during repair work prior to the sheet metal being applied.

Shirley’s house immediately post Hurricane Irma. Image: Adopt a Roof BVI

Top view of Shirley’s roof during repair work prior to the sheet metal being applied. Image: Adopt a Roof BVI

More images show other hurricane damaged homes in poorer areas either before work started, or during the repair process. The Adopt A Roof (AAR) project team on-island ensure the contractors use high-rated materials and that the metal sheets are fastened and sealed with proper rubber-sealed roofing screws, not the galvanised nails that are unfortunately commonly used in the islands.

AAR also ensures value for money by insisting the contractors charge reasonably and account for all onated funds. One Love BVI insist a proper accounting paper trail is maintained with each contractor if they wish to be involved with this project.

There are now 21 homes AAR has either already supported or is looking to support. So far One Love BVI has raised over $86,000 in support of this programme and the AAR team have raised thousands more through other channels.

You can still donate to the Sail Aid UK Action Stations Fund directly through their website:

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